Ti Kuan Yin


Wulong (Oolong) Tea

Discover the delicate sophistication of our Ti Kuan Yin, a prized Chinese Oolong tea known for its light floral aroma and pale golden hue. Each sip unveils the intricacies of this elegantly crafted tea, where tightly rolled leaves gently unfurl into large, vibrant green foliage, revealing layers of complex flavors.

Ti Kuan Yin offers a light nutty essence complemented by a soft, vegetal quality reminiscent of toasted rice, much like Gen Mai Cha. The experience culminates in a dry finish with a lingering buttery smoothness, making each cup a refined indulgence. This high-quality Oolong is perfect served hot and pairs wonderfully with any meal, enhancing flavors and transforming dining into a ceremonial feast.