Proudly Pouring: Wholesale Partnerships for Exceptional Coffee Experiences

“Find people who jog your brain, rustle up your imagination and generally delight you.” - Piper Weiss

King’s Gambit Coffee Co. is built on relentless passion, a love for design and plants, and a commitment to giving back to communities. Combine that with our evolving expertise in coffee and tea, and we believe we're the like-minded partner you’ve been looking for.

We feel that a close, open and honest relationship with your roaster can have a significant impact on your business. We're more than just great coffee—we offer education, training, and equipment recommendations tailored to help you thrive. We're a no-nonsense, roast-great-coffee, get-things-done team that lets our beans speak for themselves. No additives, no flavorings—just pure, carefully curated coffee that shines on its own, much like we can with your business.


Whether you're opening a new café or you're a seasoned pro ready for a change, King’s Gambit Coffee Co. has you covered. We know the ins and outs of what works and what doesn't, and we'll guide you toward what best fits your brand. We've built it from the ground up so that it takes stress off of you. 


Offices & Sporting Stadiums:

Our coffee elevates both corporate offices of any size and sporting stadiums with exceptional quality, ensuring every cup hits the spot, whether in the boardroom or stadium suites. Our efficient delivery and comprehensive support mean hassle-free service, making it easy to cater to large crowds while maintaining the high standards that make us unique.


Our team has a deep understanding of the hospitality industry, from restaurants to travel. We know exactly how to design a coffee and tea program that fits your needs and budget. Whether it’s espresso, drip coffee, or tea, we understand that, as a business, the bottom line matters. Our baseline wholesale pricing offers further discounts—the more we roast for you, the more you save. We recognize the importance of leaving a lasting, positive impression, ensuring your guests finish their meal on a high note. The last sip should be as memorable as the first bite, and our coffee leaves a lasting impression, never a bad taste.


Private White Label:

Our private white label service lets you create the perfect coffee blend to match your brand. We thrive on crafting personalized blends and roasting levels that complement bed and breakfasts, Airbnbs, weddings, and more. The sky's the limit with our Coffee & Event curator, who works closely with you to develop a unique lineup tailored to your tastes. Whether you have your own design team or need help with custom packaging, we ensure your private label coffee stands out.

Your Coffee Needs, Our Tailored Solutions: Let's Partner Together!

By filling out the form below it will begin our relationship. We will see if we are a right fit for you, and if you are a right for us. Building meaningful, long-lasting relationships is one of our goals with each partner.

Many roasters may just view you as another notch on their roaster & how many pounds you’ll be purchasing from them. We are not the hit it and quit it type. If you succeed, so do we. If you fail forward, so do we. We come with you every step of the way!

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