#GiveBack5 Program: Buy Items. Earn Loyalty. Give Hope.

At King's Gambit Coffee, every purchase you make empowers you to contribute to meaningful change. With our #GiveBack5 Program, 5% of every dollar you spend is transformed into loyalty points—points you can choose to donate to support various community initiatives.

Together, We Make a Difference:
Every journey, no matter how daunting, becomes manageable when we face it together. Alone, the path may seem long and filled with hurdles, but as a team, as a community, we have the power to overcome challenges and achieve remarkable things. Even the smallest contributions can accumulate to create substantial impacts.

King's Gambit Coffee isn't just a place to find exceptional coffee; it's a platform for collective action. Below, you'll discover opportunities to allocate your earned loyalty points towards initiatives making real-world differences. By selecting options in your loyalty widget, you cast a vote for how we direct contributions—turning your routine coffee purchase into a catalyst for global change.

Your Impact, Amplified:
If you're moved to contribute more significantly, each charitable foundation listed offers a direct link to their donation page, enabling you to make personal contributions that extend beyond our program.

To Participate:
Select the ‘Soil Health Donation Reward’, ‘Coral Reef Donation Reward’, or the ‘Trees, Water, & People Reward’ in your loyalty account to utilize your earned points for this cause. This option allows you to make an impactful contribution without direct financial expense, leveraging the loyalty points accrued from your purchases at King's Gambit Coffee.

Join us by signing up for the Gambit Tokens widget today and be part of a cause that believes in the power of community and shared effort. Every sip of coffee you enjoy can be a step toward a better world.

  • Support Soil Health Initiative:

    When you choose to allocate your Gambit Tokens towards the Soil Health Initiative, King's Gambit Coffee contributes $5 on your behalf. This donation supports efforts to ensure future generations have access to clean water, a stable climate, and plentiful, nutritious food. The focus of this initiative is on enhancing soil health through innovative agricultural practices and vital educational programs.

    #GiveBack5 Now 
  • Support Coral Reef Restoration

    When you choose to allocate your Gambit Tokens towards Coral Reef Restoration, King's Gambit Coffee contributes $5 on your behalf towards large-scale efforts to rejuvenate and preserve coral reefs. This initiative focuses not only on physical restoration but also on educating the public about the critical role of our oceans and advancing scientific research to develop innovative coral reef monitoring techniques.

    #GiveBack5 Now 
  • Support Trees, Water & People

    Choosing to allocate your Gambit Tokens to support Trees, Water & People allows King's Gambit Coffee to contribute $5 on your behalf toward initiatives that empower communities to protect and manage their natural resources. This effort not only preserves the environment but also improves the quality of life for these communities.

    #GiveBack5 Now 

How Your Support Makes a Difference

Soil Health Initiative

How Your Contribution Helps:

Clean Water: By improving soil health, we help maintain natural water filtration systems, ensuring communities have access to safe drinking water.

Climate Stability: Healthy soils capture carbon dioxide, playing a crucial role in climate change mitigation.

Food Security: Nutrient-rich soils yield more bountiful and nutritious crops, supporting food security and sustainable farming.

Coral Reef Restoration:

How Your Contribution Helps:

Reef Restoration: Your donations help fund projects that actively restore damaged coral reefs, promoting biodiversity and stabilizing ocean ecosystems.

Education and Awareness: Raising awareness about the importance of coral reefs and the threats they face is crucial. Your support helps fund educational programs that inform and inspire action for ocean conservation.

Scientific Research: Contributions also support cutting-edge research into coral health, breeding, and planting techniques, which are essential for the sustainable management of reef ecosystems.

Trees,Water & People:

How Your Contribution Helps:

Environmental Conservation: Each tree planted through this initiative helps protect biodiversity, stabilize ecosystems, and reduce erosion. Trees play a critical role in cleaning the air and water, making the environment healthier for local communities.

Community Empowerment: Beyond environmental benefits, this program focuses on equipping communities with the knowledge and resources to manage their natural resources sustainably. This includes producing nutritious foods and developing local capacities to ensure long-term stewardship and benefits.

Comprehensive Impact: Your support helps integrate tree planting with other critical environmental and community development efforts, creating a holistic approach to conservation that ensures a better future for both people and the planet.