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Myth Busting Answers!

  • Most coffee farmers around the world use organic practices to cultivate crops. Unfortunately, some of the costs associated to obtain certification makes the smaller micro-farms unable to compete with the larger companies. In some cases, coffee missing these logos may have still been grown in best practices.
  • Our coffee roasts highlight the natural flavor notes from the beans origin, we don't sprinkle chemicals and powders to create the false illusion of flavors.
  • Coffee roast levels do not affect the caffeine content! It takes extreme temperatures to transform caffeine levels, so the actual levels of caffeine are based on the volume of grinds and the bean origin you choose to use.
  • Acidity in coffee is based on the genetic makeup of the bean varietal, however; roasting lighter can highlight the tart and juiciness in coffee rather than dark and rich.
  • There is no one country that makes the best coffee. The world is our oyster and there are many fabulous varietals from all 70+ countries in the coffee belt region!
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