Stagg: Medium Dark Roast


Savor the rich, wooded flavor and majestic spices of our Stagg dark roast coffee, a classic choice.

Roast Level:

Tasting Notes:
Dark Chocolate, Raisin, Cedar

Uganda, Africa

1500 meters

Bourbon, Kenya SL14, Kenya SL28

Fully Washed, Patio Drying


Farm & Producer Notes:
In 2015, Kawacom broadened its horizons by inaugurating the White Nile wet mill in the Zombo district of Mt. Elgon, marking a significant expansion in their mill operations. Specializing predominantly in the washed process, the mill also ventures into experimenting with natural processed coffees across various quality tiers. Local producers deliver their cherry to the mill, where it undergoes meticulous sorting to weed out imperfections and density separation to discard less dense, lower-quality cherries, ensuring only the finest beans proceed in the production process. This commitment to quality and innovation underscores Kawacom's dedication to enhancing their coffee offerings and supporting the surrounding farming community.