Spiced Citrus Sunrise


Herbal Blend

This tea features the smooth and slightly sweet flavor of rooibos, expertly paired with all natural flavors of bright and fragrant orange peel pieces and warm and aromatic cinnamon chips. With its soothing, caffeine-free properties, this tea is perfect for sipping any time of day or night. Enjoy the spicy warmth of cinnamon and the citrusy tang of orange peel in every delicious sip. This blend is sure to become a new favorite for anyone who loves a delicious and soothing cup of tea.


Rooibos Herbal Tea, All Natural Flavor, Orange Peel Pieces, Cinnamon Chips.

Net Weight: 1.25 oz (35.4g)

Yields approx. 14 cups of tea

Size: 1.25 oz.