Pathfinder: Medium Roast


Features a harmonious blend of chocolate, creamy caramel, and subtle nutty notes. This coffee comes from the lush regions of Sul de Minas, Cerrado, and São Paulo in Brazil, where it’s grown in rich, mineral-soaked soil that enhances its natural flavors. Every cup offers a taste of Brazil’s renowned coffee craftsmanship, accessible to all who appreciate good coffee and sustainable practices.

Roast Level: 

Tasting Notes: 
Chocolate, Creamy Caramel, Nut

Brazil, South America

800 to 1200 meters

Bourbon, Mondo Novo Hybrid

Natural, Patio Drying

Farm & Producer Notes:
Our Pathfinder coffee comes from Cooxupé, a pioneering cooperative in Brazil’s Sul de Minas, Cerrado, and São Paulo regions. Founded in 1932, Cooxupé supports over 13,000 members with free farming guidance, agronomic support, and community development programs, including health services and scholarships. Their commitment to sustainability and education, highlighted by the award-winning Escola Consciente initiative, ensures that every cup you enjoy supports both high-quality coffee and a thriving, responsible coffee-growing community.

Please Note: We strive for transparency in every aspect of our operations. Due to the seasonal availability and natural variations in coffee crops, components of our coffee might shift occasionally. Rest assured, these changes are made thoughtfully, maintaining the quality and flavor profile you expect from us.