Buggy Choke the World


We are thrilled to announce yet another exciting collaboration coffee roast with Rene Sousa.  After the success of Flow with the Go, Rene decided let's go darker and Buggy Choke out some people!

Enjoy a cup of this Medium/Dark Roasted African coffee. While working with Rene it was important to push the roast a little darker than what he typically drinks each morning but, wanted it to still be a nice alternative to the Flow with the Go releases recently. May this bag of specialty roasted coffee provide a nice change up and grab hold of you much like the buggy choke!

See Rene's other Flow with the Go V2 Roast here at this link!

Roast Level:

Tasting Notes:
Chocolate, Berry, Stone Fruits, Floral, and Toasted Caramel



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