Green Tea

Experience the vibrant vitality of Matcha, a revered Japanese green tea powder known for its intense flavor and profound health benefits. Unlike other teas, Matcha involves the consumption of the entire leaf in a finely powdered form, which significantly increases its caffeine content and nutrient density. Matcha's versatility makes it a favorite not only for traditional tea ceremonies but also for modern culinary uses such as in smoothies and baking.

Historical Significance: Introduced to Japan by Buddhist monks at the dawn of the first millennium, Matcha quickly became an integral part of Japanese tea culture. It originates from Shizuoka Prefecture, less than an hour from Tokyo, which is the largest tea-growing region in Japan. Traditionally, Matcha was prepared from dried leaves that were cut and ground between millstones. Today, the finest Matcha is produced from shade-grown leaves, which enhances its flavor and nutritional profile.


Benefits: Matcha is exceptionally high in antioxidants, particularly catechins, which are known for their cancer-fighting properties and their ability to enhance heart health. The complete consumption of the leaf provides a boost in dietary fiber, chlorophyll, and vitamins. Its high caffeine content, similar to that of coffee, makes it an excellent choice for mental clarity and sustained energy.


Origin: Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan


Tasting Notes: Rich Earth, Vegetal, Creamy Butter


Ingredients: 100% Matcha (Green Tea Powder) 


Caffeine Content: High - Due to the consumption of the entire tea leaf, Matcha contains a caffeine level comparable to that of coffee, making it an excellent alternative for those seeking a potent energy boost.


Brewing Instructions: For detailed brewing instructions, visit our comprehensive brew guide under our Brewology Section to learn how to make the perfect cup of tea.


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