Boli Tea Pot


Hand-crafted by master glassblowers in Hangzhou, China, the Boli Tea Pot is the result of years of input from baristas, home brewers, and seasoned tea drinkers. This is a simple glass teapot—but carefully designed and expertly manufactured by true artisans to make everyday tea steeping an easy joy.

The Boli Teapot maintains heat for several minutes longer than others in its class (owing to thick, impact-resistant glass); a must for exacting tea drinkers who value a consistent extraction. 


Double-thick glass: 1/8" borosilicate glass increases heat retention and reduces shatter risk.
Measure marks: Accurate volume markers in both fluid ounces and milliliters afford precision measurement. 
Oversized handle: User-friendly counterbalanced handle.
Narrow spout: Smooth and splash-free pours.

Title: Regular