Bodum Brazil French Press


The French press coffee maker is the simplest of all brewing systems, where coarsely ground beans meet hot water right off the boil. The right temperature (92–96 °C, 195–205 °F) brings the optimal extraction power for the essential oils in the beans to develop their full flavor profile in just four minutes. An easy press on the plunger locks the grinds at the bottom of the glass carafe and stops the brewing process.



Borosilicate Glass Carafe

The carafe is made with Borosilicate Glass; which one the most temperature-resistant glass types you can buy. 


Silicone Band

Your grip will be strong and hands cool.

  • Body, handle, & lid made of BPA free plastic.


Stainless Steel Permanent Filter

  • Filter & plunger is made of stainless steel

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